The ODYSSEUS project joined the H2020 BES Cluster to share knowledge, coordinate outreach efforts, call for support, and disseminate project activity.

The H2020 BES Cluster is composed of projects working together to support one another, identify solutions to upcoming challenges, ensure effective dissemination and valuable exploitation potentials, and simultaneously generate knowledge that will change the current state in the fields and areas the projects are working on.

BES Cluster members experience

Information sharing regarding dissemination and communication, as well as assistance with these kinds of tasks

Sharing of best practices and methodology, investigation of chances to integrate pilot projects, and collaboration on future policy recommendations.

Teamwork to increase the sustainability and exploitation plans of the projects’ efforts to identify and develop workable solutions for evidence-based policy recommendations.

The members of our H2020 BES Cluster

Meticos project
TressPass Project
Mirror Project
It Flows Project
Perceptions Project
Persona Project
Effector Project
D4Fly Project
Border UAS Project
i Mars Project
ROBorder Project
Isola Project
Nestor Project
Promenade Project
Criteria Project
Aligner Project