RAPISCAN made a successful presentation of the ODYSSEUS project at two events in Singapore, in the HTX HQ building on 19th and 20th of October,2023. The presentation about the ODYSSEUS Platform and occupied scanning technologies was quite intriguing. Singapore is an associate member of the Horizon Program and have a keen interest in the technologies developed under its funding mechanism, particularly in relation to border security.

The first day of the meeting featured the CBRNE team comprising experts developing proprietary and cutting-edge technologies for border security operations in Singapore that act as the first line of defense against threats.

The team’s dedicated operational experts work closely and tirelessly with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) round-the-clock to detect and intercept unsuspecting threats at our network of laboratories located at the borders of Singapore.

Dr GOH Ho Wee, Deputy Director of CBRNE Scanning Technology & Analytics who leads the CBRNE team, described the meeting as a very good experience that enabled everyone to walk away feeling enriched.

On the second day, the presentation was given to two different groups. The first group was the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) team, responsible for securing Singapore’s borders against the entry of undesirable people and cargo through land, air and sea checkpoints. The second group was the National Environment Agency (NEA) led by Dr Hoo Wee Teck, Deputy Director of Regulation Division, Ionizing Radiation Control Department, Radiation Protection and Nuclear Science.

NEA is critical for Singapore cargo business as they are the regulator/policy maker on using of ionizing system. The ODYSSEUS program highlights the importance that the European Union place on the use of novel security inspection techniques, and the re-examination of justifications for certain inspection practices in light of the expanding threat landscape.

Demonstration of such approaches will help to guide the future of Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoint technology solutions.

Promotional brochures for the project were distributed during the meetings leaving a lasting impression to all participants. These handouts informed the attendees with a brief description of the ODYSSEUS project and the technologies it uses raising awareness and engagement.

Congratulations to RAPISCAN for giving such an great presentation on the ODYSSEUS project!

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