The ODYSSEUS European project aims to enhance the experience of border crossing for travelers and border authorities’ staff while keeping secure and tracking the movements across external water and land borders of the EU.  This initiative aims to protect passengers’ fundamental rights while promoting the security and integrity of the European space by minimizing unauthorized cross-border movements of people and goods.

ODYSSEUS also intends to optimize the safety of customs and supply chain by improving the prevention, detection, deterrence, and fight against crime involving goods flows across EU external border crossing points and through the supply chain, reducing disruption to trade flows.

The new project is going to offer a comprehensive framework for improving border checks performed by authorities while also making travel easier for citizens who will be identified through multi-behavioral and biometric mechanisms which will make crossing borders quicker and simpler.

Furthermore, an innovative luggage and baggage check will allow citizens’ vehicles and cargo vessels to be remotely checked for goods on the land border, speeding up border check processes in a safe and trustworthy manner. The ODYSSEUS platform will run in both land and water environments, in a road, in a port, and in a train.

ODYSSEUS will be tested, evaluated, and showcased in three real operational scenarios.

ODYSSEUS is a 3-year, Horizon funded project that began in January 2023 and will last until December 2025. It involves 14 partners from Romania, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Moldova, and the United Kingdom: SIMAVI, VISB, QBE, TEL, RAPI, ACCELI, SQD, THALES, ISIG, IGPF, CDBP, BBA, IGPF MAI and UIC. SIMAVI will lead the consortium and the project activities, to successfully accomplish the project objectives and Key Performance Indicators.