Acceligence LTD

ACCELIGENCE Ltd. (ACC) is a Cyprus-based company, established in 2019. ACC is an innovative SME and is engaged in cutting edge R&D activities giving a particular focus on Unmanned Automated Vehicles, haptics, and other robotic solutions. Our company can provide a fully custom and “open” platforms and solutions, able to be adapted to the specific needs of any project or product, and able to be equipped with different components (sensors/ analytics/actuators). ACC’s experience is based on more than 15 years activities in relevant technological/ technical market.

Role in ODYSSEUS project

ACCELIGENCE Ltd., as a technology provider, will develop and implement the UAZ-assisted vehicle scanning technology. In addition, Acceligence will establish user need and requirements for border control systems by conducting interviews and surveys with project participants and other stakeholders to understand their needs and concerns. Finally, we will disseminate and communicate the benefits of the technology to stakeholders, ensuring that it is successfully adopted and integrated into border control systems.

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