Rapiscan Systems Limited

We are a trusted provider of advanced X-ray inspection and radiation detection technologies for ports, borders, military, high-threat facilities, and critical infrastructure all over the world. Every day, best-in-class X-ray inspection and radiation detection systems from Rapiscan|AS&E help customs officials, security personnel, and law enforcement combat terrorism, drug and weapon smuggling, illegal immigration, and trade fraud. Rapiscan|AS&E are bringing 20+ years of X-ray technology development and expertise to the ODYSSEUS consortium.

Role in ODYSSEUS project

Rapiscan|AS&E will deliver a best-in-class, occupied vehicle inspection solution, using both X-ray backscatter and transmission technologies, for the rapid identification of people, contraband and weapons. The solution will demonstrate the lowest dose security application for vehicle inspection. Development activities aim to improve detection capabilities, and hence facilitating high-throughput inspection, whilst providing the even lower levels of X-ray dose exposure to vehicle occupants.

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