Telesto Technologies Pliroforikis kai Epikoinonion EPE

TELESTO Technologies specializes in Telematics and Telemetry (Design, Deployment, and Operation), Sensor Networks and state-of-the art image/video recognition technologies for safety and security solutions. The company has actively participated in several innovative (both R&D and commercial) projects in the field of Internet-of-Things mainly involved to sensor networks (network composition, dynamic sensorial data retrieval, data fusion), image processing (individual indoor localization and crowd behavior analysis) and system integration and interoperability.

Role in ODYSSEUS project

Telesto will have a supportive role during the first three phases (design, implementation and integration) taking the responsibility of the use cases definition, implementing a system for counting people at a particular area, inside or outside, without using sensitive information and coordinating the interoperability with Border Control Legacy Systems. During the validation and demonstration phase, TELESTO will have a leading role taking the responsibility to prepare and execute the validation plan for the proposed solution and furthermore, to evaluate individual components and the final solution. Finally, TELESTO will have a strong contribution to the IPR and innovation management.

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