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Thales DIS is at the heart of our evolving digital society. Billions of people worldwide increasingly want the freedom to communicate, travel, shop, bank, entertain, and work-anytime, anywhere, in ways that are convenient, enjoyable and secure. Thales DIS delivers on the growing demands for personal mobile services, identity protection, payment security, authenticated online services, cloud computing access, modern transportation, e-healthcare and e-government services. Thales DIS does this by providing secure software, a wide range of secure personal devices, and managed services to wireless operators, banks, enterprises and government agencies.

Thales DIS is the world leader for electronic passports and identity cards, border controls, two-factor authentication devices for online protection, smart credit/debit and contactless payment cards, as well as subscriber identification modules (SIM) and universal integrated circuit cards (UICC) in mobile phones. Also, in the emerging machine-to-machine applications. Thales DIS is a leading supplier of wireless modules and machine identification modules (MIM). To operate these solutions and remotely manage the software and confidential data contained in the secure devices. Thales DIS also provides server platforms, consulting, training, and managed services to help its customers achieve their goals.
As the use of Thales DIS’s software and secure devices increases with the number of people interacting in the digital and wireless world, the Company is poised to thrive over the coming years.

Related expertise / experience:
  • As the world becomes more connected, we make it more secure. For those shaping the digital interactions of tomorrow, we provide the digital security that enables the trusted connections of today.
  • Digital Identity, digital signature & Data Protection are our core worldwide expertise and we protect the complete digital service lifecycle
  • Software development center design and deliver physical and digital identity credentials, multiple authentication schemes, including biometrics, and I.o.T. connectivity, device security as well as data encryption, cloud service protection, and secure digital signature as a service.

Our technologies are enabling digital payment, border control, cloud security, smart healthcare and much more.

Role in ODYSSEUS project

Thales contribution will consist of solution of identity establishment (with ID proofing and electronic document and biometric verifications) and creation of virtual document to be stored in cloud, but under a control of the user with exception of investigation of incidents by border law enforcement authorities.

Thales will provide a m2m interface to add flexibly additional attributes by 3rd party to accommodate the changes happening over time. On backend we will implement interfaces for data exchange with cryptographic engine that will allow decryption of the data encrypted by key stored in the system. More in detail, the virtualized document will be cryptographically linked to user’s mobile application to ensure only the user has authorization to manipulate the data, but there will be a conditional read access of LEA in case of investigation. The cloud storage will provide encryption and authorization services and will allow to share data with other border control and boarding services based on users consent and its time validity.

Foreseen Impact

Thales will propose an innovative solution for simplifying the border guard’s authority’s and customs daily work. Our solution will be mobile and could be used everywhere in many different conditions and positions. Our technical offer will be in line with the EU and maritime regulations in order to guaranty its deployment and will usable for all experts and non-experts.

The customs, border and coast guards authorities scalable requirements in term of security and safety will allow to propose our solution with potential future additional technical bricks into the platform answering to future expectations from coast guards, border control and custom authorities.

And The saving cost will facilitate the solution deployment for both land borders and maritime borders controls. This positive impact will facilitate the adoption and deployment.

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