SIMAVI, the project coordinator of the ODYSSEUS project participated at Projects to Policy Seminar held in Brussels, Belgium from 14 to 15 June, 2023.

This insightful two-day seminar was attended by experts from the Industry and Technology sectorσ as well as specialists from National authorities and Institutions. Over 100 people from several projects of general interest participated and guidance was provided to them regarding the policy-related outputs in the following areas: results exploitation and dissemination, innovation uptake, societal impact, AI regulations and Ethics Research.

For more information regarding the seminar please visit the link here.

A thorough presentation from SIMAVI on the ODYSSEUS project was delivered in two workshops related to Border Management. The innovation and impact that will be achieved by the project in border management was pointed out and the solutions ODYSSEUS offer, such as detecting illegal threats and facilitating border crossing while protecting travelers’ rights, were also highlighted.

During the seminar project promotional leaflets were effectively showcased and distributed leaving a lasting impression on the participants. These informative materials provided attendees with a concise overview of the ODYSSEUS project, its objectives, and technologies. Through the distribution of these leaflets a significant number of our target groups were reached, and the engagement was leveraged amongst partners.

A special thanks to SIMAVI for their considerable contribution and active support of the ODYSSEUS project’s goals.


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