Our project coordinator, SIMAVI, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the ODYSSEUS project at the “Research and Innovation Symposium for European SECURITY and Defence” (RISE SD) event, held on the beautiful island of Rhodes, Greece, from May 29 to May 31, 2023.

This influential three-day conference attracted a diverse audience of over 200 participants from across Europe, including high-level representatives of the European Union, government officials, researchers, industry experts, practitioners, and stakeholders in European security and defense. Attendees came together to exchange ideas, showcase results, and engage in live technical demonstrations.

For detailed information about the conference, please visit the official website at https://rise-sd2023.eu/.

SIMAVI delivered a comprehensive presentation on the ODYSSEUS project, providing an overview of its main goals, objectives, and technological approach. The project’s innovation along with the architecture was also highlighted. During the event, project promotional leaflets were effectively distributed with the assistance of the event organizers. These informative materials provided attendees with a concise overview of the ODYSSEUS project, its objectives, and technologies. The distribution of these leaflets further enhanced the visibility and outreach of the project, reaching a wider audience and generating interest among the participants.

Additionally, SIMAVI actively participated in two discussion panels focused on the piloting, validation, and market uptake of innovative solutions related to Border Management. In both cases SIMAVI engaged in bilateral conversations with industry and technology partners, as well as with stakeholders with the goal of increasing the visibility of the ODYSSEUS project.

Over the next three years, SIMAVI will lead the consortium in successfully achieving the key objectives of the ODYSSEUS project. SIMAVI will incorporate the technical solutions into a web portal to assist Border Authorities in implementing new technologies that make border crossing easier for European citizens.

A special thanks to SIMAVI for their significant contribution and active engagement in supporting the ODYSSEUS project goals.

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